There may be a situation where you need transportation for your pet to a vet appointment, grooming appointment, the airport, boarding kennel, cattery, breeder pick up, or doggy day care. This is a premium service as your pet will be the only passenger in the car.

We can help you out by transporting your pet safely in a dog or cat crate, which is secured to the car. If you prefer your dog to travel in one of the interior seats, your dog will be securely buckled in with an appropriate harness and seat belt designed for dogs.

We aim at keeping your pet relaxed and comfortable in our air-conditioned vehicle. For long trips, a stretch of the legs and toilet break is provided for dogs.

The fee charged depends on the time taken to deliver your pet from the pick-up point to its destination. An additional charge will apply if the pick up or drop off point is more than 25km from our home base in Essendon.

This service is for pets only; sorry, we cannot transport accompanied humans.

Pet Taxi Paws On The Move

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